Adoption Necessities

All excited about getting a little fur ball into your life? Let’s see, if you are ready for your feline friend.

BEFORE you get on your kitty-hunting spree, you need to get your home kitty-ready. This requires some temporary adjustments and the purchase of some equipment.

1. Safety Room

2. Family Members

3. Food & Water

4. Equipment

    a. Carrier

    b. Litter boxes

    c. Do’s & Don’t for Litter Boxes

    d. Litter

    e. Scratching Tools

    f. Cat Beds

    g. Toys

    h. Grooming

This are the essentials. You can add now according to your need for hygiene and your expertise:

At this point you may have spent between AED 300 - 3,000 and you don’t have a cat yet.

Still determined to find a furry friend? Then let’s help you to find the perfect match… Choosing a Cat

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