Buying a Cat

Pet Shops & Breeders

If you are thinking of getting a cat or kitten, buying the furry addition to your family from a pet-shop can turn into a traumatic experience.

These cats are bred solely for profit.

Most of them are not dewormed, vaccinated nor sterilized. Many are forced to live a dull live in a far too small cage with no stimulation or socialization whatsoever, which sometimes makes them anti-social.

Due to the demand for very young kittens, baby cats as young as 3 weeks old are taken from their mum and siblings, growing up isolated and without any guidance for life. Bring deprived of their mothers milk at such a young age, compromises the build up of their immune system. Often these kittens end up with diarrhoea or other infections, which can lead to frequent and expensive visits to the vet. Adding the cost of getting it vaccinated, sterilized, micro-chipped and dewormed, the bill can become quite substantial.

We regularly get calls from the vets, asking if we can take in a sick baby kitten, because their owners don’t want it (or baulk at the vet bills), and the pet shop refuse to take the kitten back.


Shelters provide a significantly better health guarantee and sell cats that are sterilized and vaccinated. These cats spend all day in a room on their own or with other cats, and hardly interact with humans and certainly don’t experience the daily routines of a household.

The daily participation in family life and the guaranteed interaction with humans is the advantage that cat organisations like Feline Friends have over pet-shop and shelter cats.

Placed in private homes with families or with couples, our cats get individual attention with dedicated care according to their specific personality. This enables Feline Friends to give you as an adopter detailed feedback on the character, temperament and behaviour of each cat. In accordance with your wishes and preferences we can find you the best match and save you surprises and disappointment.

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