Cat 101

In this section we try to address your questions, concerns and daily issues with your furry friend(s). If you can’t find your problem addressed, please contact one of the rescue organisations who maybe able to help for your issue.

Please note that the information provided is based on our own, personal experience and situations can vary from cat-to-cat. Therefore, before carrying out any action, we advise that you to get professional advice from your trusted vet.

1.0 Homecoming

1.1 Interaction

2.0 Behaviour

Behaviour in a cat is the result of genes, environment, social development and health. Many behaviour issues are caused by health problems and therefore a regular check with the vet is a vital basis to eliminate this possibility for potential bad manners. If your cat has got a clean health check, look at its environmental situation.

2.1 Aggression

2.2 Avoiding the litter box

2.3 Scratching

2.4 Begging

2.5 Noisy cat

3.0 Grooming & Maintenance

4.0 Cat’s Health

4.1 Ringworm

4.2 Diarrhoea

4.3 Cat Flu

5.0 Your Health

5.1 Allergies

5.2 Ringworm

5.3 Toxoplasmosis

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