Grooming Tools


Arabian Mau are well liked for their short, low-maintenance fur. It doesn’t shed and it doesn’t need any special grooming apart from a regular lick from the cat tongue.



Nevertheless, even these breed of cats enjoy a gentle brushing with a soft brush. It reminds them of the rough tongue of their mother and certainly does good for the blood circulation.

Medium and long-haired cats need regular grooming (sometimes daily) with specialized brushes and combs. Their hair gets matted easily, which can cause the cat considerable pain.

Nail Clippers

For the comfort of your cat (the nails don’t get worn down inside the same way they would if the cat would be outside) and for the maintenance of your furniture, you should clip the nails of your kitty every 6-8 weeks. If you do this yourself (see instructions under ….) you need to get a good quality nail clipper. The tool needs to be sharp and strong enough to properly cut the nail rather than crushing it in the process. So it is worthwhile spending a few dirhams more for a tool that lasts longer and does a proper job. Even if it is just a professional toe clipper.



Wet Wipes

This pack of handy wipes is contained in a handy tub that provide you with a quick and easy solution to cleaning your pet.

Containing natural ingredients for added cleansing, these wipes help to soften and condition your pet's coat while removing all the dirt and loose hair.

With a pleasant fragrance too, these gentle wipes take away those horrible odours to leave your pet looking and smelling beautifully fresh.