One or Two

The saying that cats are lonesome riders is a myth. They get lonely the same way a dog gets when left alone for most of the day. Especially when cats are raised at an early age without mother, they can become very attached to people, following you around and wanting to be near you every minute.

Certainly the younger the cat, the more essential is a companion. In order to ensure proper development of personality, learning of social skills and development of confidence, no kitten younger than 4 months should grow up on its own!

In general, two cats don’t make much more effort. Most of the time they share one litter box and the food bowl (although we recommend to have two of each in a different place for comfort). They keep each other stimulated with cat-like games and plays. Grooming each other and many times snuggle up to sleep together in the cat bed, gives them comfort and security which is so important for a happy balanced cat.

Unquestionably, if you are working all day and your cat is alone for more than 6+ hours per day, you should consider for sure to get two cats. Cats can get bored and lonely and signs of depression can change the personality of your little furry friend. Therefore, if you come home from work and don’t have the time or energy anymore to play with your furry companion, give him a 4-legged playmate to keep him company.

Also, this makes going away for the weekend easier for everybody. You don’t need to board the cats and they don’t need to go through the stress of a changed environment. Just put out some additional food and water bowl and litter boxes, get a friend or neighbour to check on them once a day and you don’t have to worry about the kitties left behind for a couple of nights.

Testimonials for having two kitties

Penny after adopting Mica

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