Playful or Calm

Calm or active, cuddly or independent really depends on your preference and circumstances. Do you have kids, other cats or dogs, then a shy or independent cat really won’t fit in too well. If you have fragile decoration and an expensive leather coach that you don’t want to cover with blankets, a wild rascal won’t make you happy and will not enjoy being at your home.

If you have one calmer, shy kitty add a gentle, soft but confident one. If you have a playful, active one add a buoyant but easy going one. Matching kitties is a fine balance between harmony and hell. The better you know your own kitty, the easier you will find the best match.

Personality is often also linked to breed. Check out pedigrees and their characteristic in order to find what suits you. When you have a street moggy (Arabian Mau), go for another one. They need stimulus and action and the e.g. looks of a Persian or the stoic of a British Shorthair won’t do it for them.