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2. Feline Friends is only providing a platform to post cats. The platform is provided free of charge and Feline Friends cannot guarantee the number or type of persons that may respond to any posting. It is the responsibility of the cat owner to carry out their due-diligence when adopting any cat.

3. Contacting adopters, foster agreements, adoption fees, viewings, requests and complaints etc. must be handled by the requesting person directly. Feline Friends is NOT responsible, liable nor involved in any transactions or arrangements.

This FORM is only to be used if you are requesting Feline Friends to post your rescue cat on our web-site/social Media. Once approved, details of your cat will be posted on the Feline Friends Facebook and Flickr social media sites (see links above) and also on this web-site.

Please note, if your Posting Request is approved, your posting will be valid for 1 month only. If you wish to continue posting the same cat, you will need to provide an updated posting request and picture of the cat.

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