As cat lovers we have a hard time observing all these street cats rummaging the bins in Abu Dhabi. If we could we would rescue them all. But whom do we try to please? The cat or our conscience?

What is NOT a rescue situation?

You find kittens. A group of kittens on their own is almost always the sign of a litter. The mum just went away to find food or a new location or might actually rest nearby. Even a single kitten might belong to a litter that is in process of being moved.

Do Not Touch or move the Kitten(s) unless they are in eminent danger.

Keep a watchful eye and wait at least for about 4 hours before taking the kitten(s). If the mother cat does not return after this amount of time, it is safe to say the kitten(s) have been abandoned.

If you touched the kitten(s) without waiting at least 4 hours, rub their fur with dirt to remove your scent and place them back where you found them. Again, if you don’t see a mum after 4 hours, remove them and contact a cat organisation for the rescue process.

If you noticed a mum with their kittens. In general we recommend to leave the mum and kittens if no sign of malnourishment, injury or sickness can be seen, and if the location of mum and kittens does not expose them to danger. Provide food and water and wait until the kittens are 8-10 weeks old in order to start the Catch-Sterilize-Return process for mum and kittens.

You notice a thin, hungry and dirty cat. If the cat is old enough (12 weeks/3 months), shows no sign of injury, the eyes are clear and there is no open wound noticeable, there is no need for immediate rescue. Street cats are part of the local life in Abu Dhabi and most of them will not be happy being kept inside. Especially the local breed (Arabian Mau), which is of very lanky build, long legs, a streamline body and a rat-like tail with huge ears are the trademark of this newly recognized breed. They are very well equipped to survive in this hot and humid climate and to cope with sand and rubbish bins. If you make their life easier with providing food and water they are happy to stay outside. Not every street cat makes a great pet.

When DO you have a rescue situation?

A rescue cat is in urgent need of help or her life is in danger or at serious health risk.

A cat that is too young to fend for herself outdoors (less than 3 months old and on their own).

A cat that is not able to survive outdoors (long haired cats, breed cats, cats that look like abandoned pets, injured cats).

A cat that is living in an environment that is dangerous or hostile (middle of the road, construction sites, hoarder accommodations, facilities that don’t tolerate cats, etc).

A cat that is obviously a pet, might even wear a collar, looks like it is roaming the streets for a while already (dirty, coat mated, thin) or you have seen it for a couple of days already and the cat seems lost.

Here is what you can do, if you found a rescue cat:

Rescue Process

Help Rescue Street Cats

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