You have a pet cat, but now you can no longer keep it or are leaving the country. Now what?

The options to Surrender are very limited, most cat rescue organisations are usually stretched to their limits with injured and rescue cats, so your choices are as follows:

1. Take your cat with you when you leave the country.

This is the best option for both you and your cat. By ensuring your cat has an ‘up-to-date’ Health Book and setting aside as little as AED50 per month, you will be sure that you can take your loving pet with you without worrying about costs and paperwork.

2. Give your cat to a friend or relative to look after.

This would be the next best option, as it will go to someone you know and will provide your cat with the love and care it deserves. It will also give you an opportunity to cuddle your cat from time to time.

3. Surrender your cat to the Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter. (Link)

The  Falcon Hospital in Abu Dhabi has an animal shelter and may be able to take in your pet.

We strongly advise that you do NOT put your cat out on the street, as this will be a ‘DEATH SENTENCE’ for your cat.

Your cat will not be able to stand up against the street cats, who will bully and beat your cat out of their territory. Your cat will therefore not be able to find food or water and will starve to death.

Long haired cats will have the added problem of not being able to survive the heat and will suffer more.

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