Testimonials for having two kitties-01

Penny after adopting Mica: “On September 1st 2013 I discovered 4 abandoned kittens in my garden. One was already dead, one was dying and the other two looked miserable. I hand reared the brother and sister and they survived. A year and a half later the sister got out of the house by mistake and failed to come back. The brother became quieter, fatter and was my shadow. So I decided to get a companion for him.

I called Martina at Abu Dhabi Feline Friends and she said she had 14 kittens to choose from. I found her villa very easily and visited Nursery, KG1 and KG2 rooms! Martina gave me background information about each kitten, asked me the necessary questions about myself and explained the adoption process. The care she took of the kittens was impressive and I found the perfect little girl who was the same breed and almost the same colour as the one I had lost. Yes, you may have to pay for the adoption, but having spayed and vaccinated my other female, I know what it costs and having it done as part of the adoption package is a LOT cheaper!

Martina contacted the vets to arrange my appointments for both sets of injections, spaying and micro-chipping as well as checking up with me several times that everything was okay with the kitten. It was great knowing I had that support on the end of the phone or email.

I did have some issues with the settling in process as my boy cat seemed to accept the little kitten but in fact was stressed and stopped eating. Martina came up with some really helpful ideas and her advice, plus the vet’s, means that soon everything was sorted and now they are very happy.

I was extremely impressed with the whole adoption process and would love to say I would adopt more.....we shall have to see......the cost of taking them back to the UK has to be considered as there is no way I am leaving them here! They are truly part of the family.”

David who adopted Nelly & Maicha

If you own already one or more cats and want to add another one, please see Cat 101 section for tips on making this addition smooth and successful.