Testimonials for having two kitties-02

David (who adopted Nelly and Maicha together): “I have been blessed with love not just of the kittens, but with the friendship of you and your husband, as we sat and talked for almost 2 hours, while I tried  to make up my mind on the kittens I would like to have and love in my home.

I originally came by to try and get one, and then my past history and love of cats, got me to look at two. I want to thank you both for the opportunity of sitting down and taking the time to talk with me, and allowing me to see some of the beautiful cats and kittens you had in your home.

You both blessed me with Maicha and Nelly, unto which I truly love to death. Since the first night they came home with me - they have been around me as much as I want to be around them. They both have and want to be right next to me every night, just under my chin, and  in my arm, as I'm sleeping… Such Darlings!

My Sincere thanks to you both on the Wonderful work you do, and the commitment you have for the love of all of the animals you support.

I will try to get some pictures when the girls get out of their cones next weekend.

Thank you so very much, for letting me have a tiny bit of the LOVE you have, and have allowed me to have these Darling Babies in my life.

Blessings to you and your  ‘Whole’  family !!!”

Big  Dave

Penny after adopting Mica

If you own already one or more cats and want to add another one, please see Cat 101 section for tips on making this addition smooth and successful.